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Paris Hilton Spreads Fairy Dust Around

Paris was occupied. And I mean Paris Hilton. Right shes hours running around promoting this new fragrance. Inspired by the heir, Fairy Dust is made with flavors to appeal to women of all ages. On top of its flavors are floral notes of peony pink, orange blossoms d, and Prosecco Accord.. So if you want some of Paris, this scent is perfect. She has recently launched the latest addition to its Paris Hilton Empire the new fragrance Fairy Dust.
8.12.08 16:00

Brad Pitt

The parallel to Forrest Gump are undeniable, and Brad Pitt is old and wrinkly for most of the film, which tells the story of a man who born old and ages backward. Get in on the water cooler before anyone else to see an advance screening at the Egyptian Theater. David Fincher director will be home for a post-film Q A..
8.12.08 16:00

Cruise Holmes Discuss Love At First Sight

Journals of vacation / reinvention edition has two separate interviews and covers divided by its upcoming release with a Holmes and one with Cruise. 7 issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. I knew I wanted to marry Kate when I met her, says Cruise in Dec. It was more than love at first sight for Tom Cruise andKatie Holme. Both are from interviews writer Lynn Hirschberg..
8.12.08 16:01

George Clooney George Clooneys Ex Girlfriend Sarah Larsons Dad Was Gay

In a candid television interview, the former cocktail waitress has revealed the secret about her father homosexuality.The actress was talking about her split from Clooney United States on Access Hollywood, when he discovered the great secret.. George Clooneys ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson has pulled off a secret from her past, her father was gay.
8.12.08 16:01

Samuel L Jackson Quot Caine Ambition

. Samuel L Jackson wants to be black Michael Caine. The Lakeview Terrace star insists that it has no intention of withdrawing, adding he hopes to enjoy a career long 75 years, Michael. Samuel said: retirement from what? There no reason to - I m will be the black Michael Caine.
8.12.08 16:01


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